Giving or
Wealth to the
next generations is a daunting task
with lots of issues to focus on

Why an independent Wealth Planner

  • Residence and the implication of inheritance tax
  • Civil law countries vs common law countries
  • Trusts vs Foundations
  • Life Insurance
  • Which Jurisdiction is the best for my family
  • Who should benefit, how and when
  • International nature of your assets and family members
  • Will the Trustee follow my instructions
  • Which legal advisor to choose
  • Should I ask my bank or see an independent counsel
  • Who will be on the board of my companies if I cannot do it myself
  • Who will be there to advise the next generation
  • Who will be there to control the Trustee and the advisors after my death

Why SwissProtectors

After spending almost 25 years serving families with a large Financial Institution,
we came to realize that there are many issues that clients would like to discuss with a “private trusted advisor” who sits on their side of the table when it comes to

  • Succession planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Charitable legacy
  • Holding of different assets
  • Multi-jurisdictional lifestyle
  • Tax optimization
  • Directorship of the assets
  • Protectorship of the assets for the next generations
  • Confidentiality
  • Continuity

Who are our clients

We believe Wealth Planning requires a neutral white sheet of paper.

  • Individual Persons
  • Families
  • Multi-Family Offices
  • Single Family Offices
  • Charitable Institutions
  • Associations

What do we offer


  • Giving structuring, tax, legal information
  • Help with selecting Lawyers/Trustees/ Fiduciary Companies
  • Long term advisory to the client


  • Personal and Corporate Protector
  • Fully compliant with CRS


  • Simplifying the corporate landscape of families

Private Trust Company

  • Flexibility to hold industrial holdings and non bankable assets

Pricing Model

Advisory on wealth Planning

  • Three Pricing formulas:
  • Time spent
  • Daily retainer
  • Yearly retainer


  • Yearly flat fee
  • Plus time spent and potential advisory fee for coaching family members


  • Flat fee per structure
  • Time spent

Private Trust Company

  • Flat fee per Year
  • Time spent



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  • Telephone: +41.442800030
  • Email: annick dot feldmann at swissprotectors dot com
  • Web:


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